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  About Centre for Pervasive Computing  
    CfPC - a Dynamic, Interdisciplinary Environment  

In the next decades, pervasive computing will contribute to fundamental changes of our everyday life. Information and communication technology will be integrated in everything from tables and chairs, electric fittings, domestic appliances and toys over cars, workplaces and homes to roads, industrial plants and whole city areas and towns. New information tools and structures will be developed. In many cases the computer, as we know it today, will disappear and new relations between the virtual and the physical will develop.

In order to benefit fully from these new opportunities it is essential to work with application inspired problems, to include cases from companies and organisations, to co-operate with coming users and to co-ordinate the development of technology, applications and new ways of working and organising.

The centre uses a dynamic strategy where the central competencies interact across traditional subject boundaries and where activities cluster around those areas that exhibit the most interesting research challenges and the most promising potential for business innovation.

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