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  3D experiences  
    - Executive summary  

Scandinavia and Denmark hold a prominent place in the film media. Good story telling is an imperative and international successes are evidence of a high standard in both dramaturgy and production. 3D opens up completely new avenues and sets entirely new demands on all aspects of filming, whether dramaturgy, production or staging.

Also in the case of exhibitions, communication, entertainment and education, 3D technology is increasingly important. Today 3D is already in use in adventure parks, such as Legoland parks and Universal Studios, but 3D technology confronts great challenges and possibilities not only in this area but also in showrooms, exhibitions and education.

The partners of the project are Aarhus University and Zentropa Interaction.

The overriding aim is to investigate and develop the potential for 3D within film, interactive TV and other forms of sense-stimulating and educational areas.

The research goals are:

  • to reveal and develop present and future technological possibilities and challenges within the 3D narrative and experiences;
  • to investigate new possibilities and visions, which arise when classical film artistry meets virtual reality.

The industrial goal is

  • to contribute to Danish film production’s development and expansion into new business areas in the context of 3D.

As a result, 2 pilots will be available and one or more future scenarios:

  • 3D short film pilot
  • 3D pilot for interactive TV design
  • Scenarios for 3D realistic experience space and communication


Kim Halskov Madsen, Svend Erik Søfeldt, Morten Lervig, Ruben Borup, Bo Degn, Peter Friis

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Project Manager
Kim Halskov Madsen
Information and Media Studies University of Aarhus
Aabogade 34
DK 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

phone: +45 8942 5651
fax: +45 8942 5624
email: halskov@imv.au.dk
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