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  Integrating the BETA language with Eclipse  
    Executive summary  

The goal of the BETA Eclipse project is to integrate the BETA programming environment MjølnerTool into The Eclipse Platform.

The Eclipse Platform (http://www.eclipse.org) is designed for building integrated development environments that can be used to create applications in many different program languages.

The Eclipse Platform is not ment to be a integrated development environments for something in particular but supports tool integration for anything (for more information see Eclipse white-paper).

The MjølnerTool is a BETA programming tool (written entirely in BETA) that supports: syntactic editing, graphical interface building, UML editing etc.

As can be read in the Eclipse white-paper an Eclipse plug-in must be written in Java. So to integrate the MjølnerTool into Eclipse will require us to be able to call from Java to BETA and back. To make this possible we have to go from JNI via C to BETA. Details can be found on the page From Java to BETA.

The development of the MjolnerTool plug-in for Eclipse has reached a stage where it is possible to download and use it for general BETA programming and development. The MjolnerTool plug-in has the following features:

  • A BETA editor that activates on .bet files
  • Indentation of BETA code by pressing the TAB key
  • Couloring of BETA keywords
  • An outline view of the BETA code
  • A BETA compiler with a console view, outputting the compiler output
  • Marking of compiler errors in the code
  • Executing the compiled BETA code

How to download and install the MjolnerTool plug-in in Eclipse.

A project of great interest is the porting of BETA to the Java virtual machine, which could provide a more smooth integration. It would then be possible to let a BETA class inherit from a Java class and vice versa.


  • Ole Lehrmann Madsen (Project manager)
  • Peter Andersen
  • Mads Brøgger Enevoldsen


  • OTI




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Ole Lehrmann Madsen
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University of Aarhus
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