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  Pervasive Object Model Project  
    Executive summary  

Applications developed for pervasive computing systems must often support nomadic users that work in different physical locations. Although progress has been made, current software architectures and technologies are not ideally suited for such scenarios, and providing support for basic features such as moving applications between physical machines is complicated.

The primary goal of the POM project is to provide a platform for development of pervasive computing applications. We pursue this goal by

  • defining an architecture for pervasive computing systems
  • integrating pervasive computing technologies
  • providing robust and efficient execution of pervasive applications.

Research and implementation efforts are currently being invested in implementing the Pervasive Object Model (POM) platform efficiently and developing applications for the POM platform. Specifically, we are investigating

  1. virtual machines for heterogeneous devices
  2. efficient implementation of mobile computation
  3. optimization of pervasive computing systems in their entirety
  4. the evolution of an application framework (including a GUI) for pervasive computing applications.

As the underlying foundation evolves, we expect that issues such as
language design will become more relevant.

We expect that the combination of a virtual machine and an application framework dedicated to pervasive computing environments will serve to accelerate the development of applications for pervasive computing environments.


  • Ulrik P. Schultz (assistant professor, DAIMI, University of Aarhus)
  • Mads Torgersen (assistant professor, DAIMI, University of Aarhus)
  • Kari Schougaard (PhD student, DAIMI, University of Aarhus)
  • Simon Nejmann (Graduate student, DAIMI, University of Aarhus)



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Project Manager
Ulrik Pagh Schultz
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Aarhus
Aabogade 34
DK-8200 Århus N

Phone: +45 8942 5666
Fax: +45 8942 5624
Email: ups@daimi.au.dk

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