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  Interfaces for 3D applications  
    Executive summary  

3D models are becoming increasingly widespread and used in a diversity of areas, for instance architecture, product design, medicine, and art. At the same time pervasive computing brings us into the domain where software and 3D models must be portable between systems with different display and interaction systems some of which are integral part of physical devises or other parts of the environment. Whereas studies and development of interaction technology and styles for 2D user interfaces have a longstanding tradition, navigation and interaction in a 3D environment is fairly unexplored.

The partners of the project are Aarhus University, Personics Aps, Systematic Software Engineering A/S, RoninWorks BV (Holland) and Center for Advanced Visualization & Interaction.

The scientific goals are to advance the development of cross-platform independent interface technology for 3D virtual reality applications, and to develop a universal non-touch interface for navigation and interaction in a 3D environment. The commercial goals are to expand RoninWorks strategy of leveraging the traditional developer base by integrating knowledge of newer devices and displays, to expand the applicability of Personics equipment into new domains and to advance the interface technologies available for Systematic’s products.

The proposed interface technology will transfer human gesture into 3D navigation and interaction. The development of a cross platform independent layer and a platform independent interface framework for 3D interfaces, that makes it possible to move 3D models between platforms with different display and interaction technologies.
A cross platform non-touch navigation system of 3D environments and interaction tool.

Kim Halskov Madsen and Thomas Sangild



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Project Manager
Kim Halskov Madsen
Information and Media Studies University of Aarhus
Aabogade 34
DK 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

phone: +45 8942 5651
fax: +45 8942 5624
email: halskov@imv.au.dk
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