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  Java-enabled cell phones for pervasive services  
    Executive summary  

The aim is to evaluate the use of Java-enabled cell phones for developing pervasive services (p-services). The evaluation will be carried out through field tests based on 2.5G Java-enabled cellular phones (3G Java-enabled phones would be the optimal platform but we still have to wait for operators to provide the required network). Java-enabled phones provide a totally new way of delivering services and dynamic content to mobile users. In addition to delivering dynamic content, they also enable the mobile user to interact with the platform services more dynamically. Furthermore, there are potentially totally new business processes to be discovered. Java-enabled phones will, like some other new technologies previously, provide new technology, which will create new ways of using mobile phones in various everyday tasks.

One important aspect in this project is to technically explore the different options for implementing a Java-based pervasive service, which is distributed between the Java-enabled mobile phone (client) and the server. The distribution of the service should be dynamic and depend on the abilities of the mobile phone. In other words, a more powerful mobile phone could contain more of the application functionality than a more limited mobile phone. The remaining part of the application functionality resides in the server.

The result will be a comparison of various Java-enabled cell phones based on the implementation of a location-centric p-service. That is, a service, which content depends on the location of the user. Hence, deliveries are a report of the evaluation result and a public available demonstrator of a Java-based p-service.



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Project Manager
Bent Bruun Kristensen
the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M

Phone: 6550 3539
Fax: 6615 7697
Email: bbk@mip.sdu.dk

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