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  Mobile technology in Healthcare  

Scientific goalScientific goals
The scientific objective of the present project is to create an empirical basis for the scientific research within the Center for Pervasive Computing. The center works according to principle of experimental research across research areas. The following research areas are involved in the present project:

  • CSCW – Computer Supported Cooperative Work.
  • Object Oriented Technology and Architecture.
  • Mobility.
  • Human-Computer Interaction / Man-Machine Interfaces.

The scientific goals are:

  1. To study and develop object-oriented architecture(s) for mobile and pervasive group-ware applications
  2. To understand the dual transformation process of developing and implementing an electro-nic patient record
  3. To investigate and improved software engineering practices concerned with develop-ment of pervasive computing support

Business goals

The business objective of the present project is twofold. One the one hand the project should help enhance and develop Systematic’s software engineering process. On the other hand the project should help create better products within the healthcare business segment. The latter is done by providing direct input concerning good and bad effects of implementing the Systematic’s EPR on different hospitals, and by providing concrete visions and prototypes for future versions of the EPR to support mobile work at the hospitals.

Furthermore this project should be used a part of marketing and sales activities at Systematic.

Clinical goals
The clinical objective of this project is to shed light on the mobile aspects of using the medicine module in the Aarhus EPR answering the following questions:

  • How can we support the immense quest for mobile support from clinical personnel?
  • What are the different technological solutions for mobile and/or pervasive support?
  • In what way can the work practices be organized with different technological solutions?

The overall clinical objective is thus to aid the development of mobile clinical tools that increases the quality of the clinical work and documentation in a way such that the EPR becomes a support for – and not an obstacle for – the clinical work.



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