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  Distributed Objects in Embedded Systems  
    Goals & interests  

Several goals have been defined for the project.

  • to describe and analyze architectures for high-performance, maintainable, and flexible embedded system.
  • to define a set of prototype experiments that allow concrete performance measurements to be made.
  • and, of course, also let the project be a forum for exchanging ideas and views as input to the concrete development processes.

Danfoss Drives is experimenting with implementation on top of the Kvasar CAN-Kingdom Higher Layer Protocol to be able to compare with the distributed object framework.

Cotas is currently experimenting with DAO, a framework that provides a shared memory metaphor (variable access as key abstraction) for building control software for windmills.

Lab facilities
Based upon two EVM-CAN Evaluation Board from Europe Technologies we are building a lab at CfPC for testing frameworks that allow distributed objects in embedded systems. At the lab, we can download and experiment with different approaches to distributed objects specifically in a CAN-bus based setting.

The distributed object framework is build both for the EVM-CAN board, for the Kvasar CAN simulator system and for TCP/IP to ensure that the abstractions and underlying implementation can handle different underlying technologies.



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