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    Executive summary  

People’s activities at work often generate dynamic configurations of spaces, information, and people - within the office, but also beyond. Increasingly, both digital and physical materials are part of such configurations; and much of people’s work centres on making sense of one piece of information in relation to many others. For many professionals information comes in many different formats and often also needs to be made sense of in relation to features in the real world.

These practices pose great challenges to the computer as-we-know-it today and open up a range of opportunities for innovative design. Spatial computing environments respond to these challenges. They exploit technical possibilities to support the social and spatial organization of work.

WorkSPACE takes aesthetic design – in architecture, landscape architecture, and product design – as an inspirational test case. Through ethnographic studies, participatory design collaboration with professionals and aesthetic design strategies the project seeks to develop software components and hardware artefacts that may be combined and integrated into hybrid spatial computing environments in the office, on the move, and on site.

WorkSPACE is one among 17 projects in the proactive initiative The Disappearing Computer funded by the EU, Information Society Technologies programme Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).



  • Preben Holst Mogensen
Project Managers  
  • Kaj Grønbæk
  • Kristian Krøyer Gundersen
  • Peter Krogh
  • Dan Shapiro
  • Geoff Whitten
  • Anders Brodersen
  • Monika Buscher
  • Michael Christensen
  • Mette Agger Eriksen
  • Philipp Gerhardy
  • Klaus Marius Hansen
  • Gunnar Kramp
  • Jannie Friis Kristensen
  • Tina-Henriette Kristiansen
  • Martin Ludvigsen
  • Debbie McKeen
  • Andy Patterson
  • Michael Bang Nielsen
  • Martin Stevens
  • Matthew White
  • Ross Wilkie
  • Peter Ørbæk



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Project homepage
Project Manager
Preben Holst Mogensen
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Aarhus
Aabogade 34
DK-8200 Århus N

Phone: 8942 5626
Fax: 8942 5624
Email: preben@daimi.au.dk

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