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  Modelling and Validation of Distributed Systems  

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The work of the group has been presented in a 3-volume textbook and in approximately 100 papers presented at different high-quality conferences and journals.

It is recommended to start with some of the introductory papers
or by taking a look at the industrial applications of Coloured Petri Nets.

The CPN group has developed two sets of computer tools supporting the use of CP-nets:

  • Design/CPN was developed in the late 80'ies and early 90'ies. Today it is used by 750 different organisations in 50 different countries, including 200 commercial enterprises.
  • CPN Tools is the next generation of tool support for Coloured Petri Nets. The first Beta-version was released in October 2001. Within a couple of years CPN Tools is expected to replace Design/CPN.


List of publications
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