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    Partnership activities  

The following partnership activities are on-going or have been accomplished as part of the Interactive Workspace are activities.

Basic lab activities for 2001
The basic activities will contribute to several of the projects associated with the Interactive Workspace lab.

  • Development of large modular 3D Wall supporting multiple concurrent users
  • Development of mediaspace technology to be integrated with 3D walls and tables
  • Development of stereo wall and interaction techniques
  • Development of infrastructure and prototypes for mobile workspaces

Research seminars

  • Intelligent Building technology investigations for the IT-City of Katrinebjerg, results of initial investigation presented at the Nordic Conference on Architecture and IT, Aarhus School of Architecture, April 29.
  • Participation in The Future home network under Nordic Interactive.

Graduate courses

  • Course on User Interfaces for Mobile Devices (given by Guest professors Jock Mackinlay and Polle Zellweger).
  • Development of a new education in eDesign in collaboration with the Aarhus School of Architecture.

PhD and Master thesis projects

  • PhD Project (Jannie Friis-Kristensen), AU, on the Future Interactive Workplace seen in an organizational perspective.
  • PhD project (Tina-Henriette Kristiansen), AAA, on Augmented Reality seen in and Architectural perspective.
  • Master Thesis project (Ernest Holm-Svendsen) on the theory of Augmented Reality (delivered November 2000)
  • Master Thesis project (Anders Brodersen and Michael Bang Nielsen) on Image Based rendering, the goal is to include physical objects in virtual environments based on 3D models generated and rendered from pictures.
  • Master Thesis project (Peter Posselt Vestergaard) on Spatial Computing in the field (location based mobile computing).
  • Master Thesis project (Astrid Søndergård) Mobile content and services for loosely coupled workgroups.
  • Master Thesis project (Mads Villadsen) Spatial Hypermedia on the WWW.


  • Mediaspace development for distributed education related to the Distributed Education Demonstrator of the DMM project, www.intermedia.au.dk/dmm
  • The Netfusion project proposal for establishing a research group on augmented reality. This project will build demonstrators for Public School buildings.


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