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  Sound as Media, between Signal and Music  
    Executive summary  

Sound is used in our every day artifacts as signals e.g. when an alarm goes on, and as jingles to make us aware of e.g. the news on TV. Sound is also used to accompany computer games and other multimedia products. And finally, sound is used in its own right as music. Hence, sound can be used functionally and/or emotionally.

Sound can be generated by very cheap devices so that sound signal can be included in all our artifacts, and sound can be generated on large scale computers and played through very sophisticated layouts of speakers in physical and virtual spaces. Sound design will hence play a major role in the design of physical and virtual spaces massively equipped with digital technology.

Research themes
Research themes include:

  • design of sensors that allow intuitive/interactive processing of sound. Mapping of sensor data to sound parameters and musical expression.
  • sound in physical and virtual spaces.
  • sound on the web.
  • multimedia with sound.
  • sound design teaching at all levels.

Lab facilities
A lab has been established to provide facilities for the teaching and reasearch in sound design.

Partnership activities
A large portion of the activities in this area include teaching at all levels.

ATV-Ph.D. student

  • Esben Skovenborg at TC Electronic.


  • Rasmus B. Lunding, composer.
  • Line Kramhøft, designer.

Partners and People

  • DAIMI, Ole Caprani, Peter Møller-Nielsen, Esben Skovenborg.
  • Æstetiske fag, Morten Breinbjerg.
  • IMV, Steffen Brandorff.
  • Ingeniørhøjskolerne i Århus, Svend-Oluf Sjøstrøm.
  • TC Electronic, R&D, Knud Bank Christensen, Kim Rishøj.
  • DIEM, Wayne Siegel.
  • Musikkonservatoriet, Aarhus, Karl-Aage Rasmussen.
  • LEGO, R&D, Michael Andersen.
  • Mosart network, Brian Mayoh.



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Area Site
LEGO Lab, University of Aarhus
Area Manager
Ole Caprani
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Aarhus
Aabogade 34
DK-8200 Århus N

phone: 8942 5676
fax: 8942 5624
email: ocaprani@daimi.au.dk

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