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  Database Technology  
    Partnership activities  

The partnership activities fall in three parts.

  • First, activities related to the CIT/CfPC project ”Data Management Support for Location-Based Services” are as follows. With Sonofon, we explore the deployment of location-based services as well as data warehousing in relation to location-based services. With Euman, we explore more generally the capture of object movements
    and geo-related content in multiple formats that may provide a basis for providing location-based services, and the deployment of the technology on a modern web platform. With Nykredit, we explore the support for location-based services in relation to both real-estate applications and Business Intelligence. Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen og Vejdirektoratet provide requirements to the technology and will help evaluate the solutions.
  • Second, activities related to the NorFa network “Wireless Information Management” are as follows. The network is a research training network involving researchers from six universities in Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. Approximately 30 Ph.D. students and their advisors and colleagues take part. Wireless Information Management encompasses the management of information obtained from sensors as well as the management of information involving mobile objects, both of which types of information concern continuous change, be it in virtual spaces or physical space. These types of data will gain prominence in step with the increasing deployment of wireless communications and sensor technologies. The project aims to offer training in this area, in which there are significant industrial strengths and interests in the Nordic region.
  • Third, with the CS department at the University of Arizona, USA, we explore the support of temporal database applications on traditional and emerging DBMS technologies.


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