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 Ambient Intelligence with Tangible Objects

 Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction - CAVI

 Computer Supported Cooperative Work

 Database Technology

 Design Anthropology

 Embedded Systems - Embodied Agents

 Interactive Workspace

 Mobile Systems and Wireless Communication

 Modelling and Validation of Distributed Systems

 New Ways of Working

 Object Technology

 Sound as Media

 Tangible User Interaction


It in the work place

 A Knowledge Company

 Common Information Spaces

 Interactive Room Appliances in the Flexible Office

 Nomadic Work and the Flexible Office

 Virtual Project Room - DMM


Pervasive Health Care

 Design of user-interfaces for small handheld, mobile devices

 Mobile technology in healthcare

 The Diet Diary

Object Technology

 Distributed Objects in Embedded Systems

 Integrating the BETA Language with Eclipse

 Jini as a foundation technology for pervasive system


 Objects in Appliances

 Object oriented language interoperability

 Pervasive Object Model Project

3D visualisation and interaction

 Visualization of the Cadiovascular System

 3D experiences

 3D Sound in 3D space

 Virtual Urban Planning

 Interfaces for 3D applications

 Video prototyping

 Digital Theatre - Hyperopticon

Mobile Computing

 Java-enabled cell phones for pervasive services

 Data Management Support for Location Based Services

It in manufacturing

 Pervasive Computing in Industrial Plants

 Steel Production Plant Models

Modelling and Validation

UML + CPN @ Nokia

IPv6: Design and Validation of Protocols


 Flexible Inter Processing


 The Jungle Cube

 Java on the RCX

Interactive sound and music

 Teaching Sound Design to Children




 Work in the Centre

 Financial Support



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